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Paper and carton Agency
Paper and carton Agency


Bernard Davroux, the company manager,

worked 30 years for several global paper groups

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A vast network of brands, printers and distributors will allow us to boost your sales, giving you new ideas!

Therefore, paper sales agent France Europe, as well, Spain Italy Benelux Belgium Luxembourg Nederland Switzerland Portugal UK Great Britain Scotland England Ireland Germany Austria Poland add-value solutions sales sell agency trading trade wine spirits Cognac Champagne Calvados Armagnac Whisky Vodka SBS FBB WLC SUB GC1 GC2 GZ GT1 GT2 GD1 GD2 GD3 UC1 UC2 UZ VIDEO

Tell us what you search for? Innovative products?

Replace plastic? Find better sustainable concept?

eco-design: Let us bring solutions to your company

How is paper made? Video:

A very knowledgable and trusted contact in the packaging arena.

I recommend Bernard Davroux, and his sales agency!
From Chantal LE ROUX, owner and editor in chief Design & Packaging News
Chantal LE ROUX
Owner and Editor in Chief Design & Packaging News