Baking greaseproof paper

We offer you a range of high-tech double-sided siliconed greaseproof paper

39 or 41 gsm, white or natural with one bake performance up to 220°C

Our baking paper preserves the product’s quality and taste

and is a guarantee of perfect hygiene!

  • Bio-silicone greaseproof treatment
  • Wet resistant treatment
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Available FSC or PEFC certified
  • Food contact certifications:
    • BFR 36/2 (European standard for papers used for cooking purposes)
    • FDA (Food and Drugs Administration – standard for North America)
    • Kosher + Passover certified

Available in:

  • Reels for converting companies suited for cutting big reels to ​small reels or sheet sizes for the end-user consumers
  • Reels for agri-food industry for protecting and cooking doughs, pastry and manufacturers of pre-cooked dishes, pastries, pizzas and frozen products
  • Reams or dispenser boxes (500 or 1000 sheets) for distributors, industrial and artisanal bakers, caterers and restauranters
  • Standard sizes available:
    • 32,5 x 53 cm
    • 40 x 53 cm
    • 45 x 75 cm
    • 50 x 75 cm
    • 57 x 78 cm
    • 57 x 98 cm

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