Food contact papers 45 to 350 g/m²


Single-material papers and boards act as grease barriers.
We use eco-friendly virgin fibres food contact certified

What does improve the high technical quality of our papers?

  • Our suitability for innovation
  • Each 2 years on average we optimize our line productivity


  • FSC or PEFC are available
  • Food contact certifications:
    • BFR 36 and 36/2 recommendations (European standard for papers used for cooking purposes)
    • FDA (food and drugs administration – standard for North America)
    • Kosher + passover certified
  • Wet-resistant substrates to cater for your applications
  • Recyclable

Grease Resistance:

  • Grease barrier treatments are incorporated at the surface or in the paper pulp to avoid grease migration to the packaging
  • Several degrees of grease resistance is offered to suit your applications

Flavour protection:

  • The raw materials used are selected to guarantee that food flavours are protected.
  • All our papers and cartonboards are tested to meet EN standard 1230-2 that certifies that the absence of odour and other migration from the packaging substrate to the food.

3 levels of grease resistance:

  • Standard
  • Superior Grease Resistance
  • Quality for oven, Extra release coating ovenable applications:
    • Industrial or artisanal baking of cakes and pastries
    • Reheating pizzas, ready meals in an oven

That you can apply to these ranges of paper & board:

  • FG Paper: lightweights 45 to 70 g/m²
    • Paper bags for fast food and other greasy food end-uses
    • Corrugated for cup-cake, chocolate, pastries, biscuits
    • Packaging for chilled food (meats, cold cuts, cheeses)
  • LST Paper and ST Board: weights 80 to 350 g/m², liner for corrugated boards
    • Packaging (sacks or folded-glued boxes) for biscuits, pastries, cakes, chocolate, trays, pizzas, rice, etc.
    • Liner and micro fluting for corrugated board to protect: the chocolates, sandwich biscuits, cakes, cereal bars,…
    • Paper cones (ice-cream or French fries)
    • Liners for protecting cakes and chocolate bars and trays
    • Fast food packaging
    • Disposable tableware
  • LNT and NT Paper (Non-treated substrates):
    • Surface outer substrates for baking moulds
  • MPACK (Non-treated substrates):
    • Meat, poultry and fish packaging For food conservation

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