LINERS: Brown uncoated, 100% recycled, 60 to 250 g/m²

in 4 different shades and finishing:

  • SULFATE PAPER: smooth kraft aspect (the darker brown)
  • TESTLINER: for corrugated board
  • THE FLUTING: for microfluting
  • SCHRENZ: multi-use paper: to protect products in the parcels, interlayers, paper wrapping, all this with only one paper!

Choosing our liner says a lot about your ecological vision.

Authentic and natural they are made from 100% recycled fibres, which produces less CO², avoid paper waste, consumes much less water and energy, and eradicates the need for wood in production.

All ou range has obtained many certifications: FSC® recycled, blue angel, and Ecolabel.

Available in sheets and reels.

Applications: Corrugated board, micro-fluting, diverse packaging, shopping bags, folders, cushioning, interlayers, and wrapping.

Made in European Union

100% Recycled paper offset office A4 A3 Sheets reels laser inkjet offet magazine, books, packaging

Order: not less than 5 tons

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