Protect your product with a positive solution for the nature:

We can offer you a wide possibility of moulded cellulose fibres products for all types of parcels 

Paper & Carton Agency is regularly called to create recycled or virgin pulp shim for many products, such as e-commerce parcels, bath accessories, soaps, creams, bottles of perfumes, medical devices, jewelry, bottles of wines and spirits, fruit & vegetable or fast-food products…

The moulded cellulose of these packaging is made from recycled fibres (100%) or whiter virgin fibre.

  • Recycled version: good for the planet and cheaper


  • Virgin fibre cellulose is advised if your needs are:
    • whiteness
    • smoothness of the surfaces
    • food-contact certification


  • We can develop performance packaging, adapting to diverse shapes
  • Your products are protected to guarantee delivery in perfect condition to your customers
Wine Pulp Packaging ecommerce
Wine & Spirits - Protecting packaging
Moulded Recycled Fibres e-commerce Soap box
Moulded Pulp e-commerce Soap Box
NIKE Shoes Box
NIKE Shoes Box