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The best articles on Packaging, Design and Sustainability

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A Growing Responsibility for Sustainable Packaging

by Jamie Matusow – Editor in chief Beauty Packaging – July 2021

As consumer demand and global regulations push for increased sustainable packaging, beauty buyers are growing ever more conscious about their choices.

Here, we check in on the 5R’s, material advances from PCR to mushrooms, why transparency is now a must—and new calls for industry collaboration. (And don’t miss the revealing experts’ conversation on this topic,)

If there’s one thing that everyone in the beauty industry can agree upon, it’s that there’s no perfect answer or definition when it comes to sustainability and sustainable packaging solutions. Even the meaning of the now expanded 5R’s (once 3R’s) is interpreted differently—from Reduce, Refill/Reuse, Recycle, Replace, Respect to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot (per

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The packaging mega trends for 2021

by Karl Knauer – June 2021

The future of packaging: Our society’s major innovations are increasingly being incorporated into packaging trends. Packaging reflects developments in technology, design, materials, handling and eco-friendliness.

People use packaging every day. It must provide intuitive answers to expectations, requirements and functions.

Mega trends from communication, sustainability, individuality and experience have long since determined the packaging development for tomorrow.

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50 insanely creative and stunning packaging designs

Packaging is a form of branding and knowing how to make your product stand out amongst all the others on the shelves can be hard, so take a look at these 50 creative and unique packaging examples and tips to draw inspiration and learn how to make your packaging appeal to the masses.

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Building a coherent circular economy: The view from the industry

by Victoria Hattersley 17 June 2021 published in Packaging Europe

PACKAGING EUROPE: Over the past few weeks, we have been asking representatives from key organizations across the packaging industry two questions: 

What are the biggest roadblocks to a circular economy in packaging today?

How must the packaging sector you represent respond to these in the coming years if we are to achieve circularity? Here is what they had to say.

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Ask a Sustainability Expert: How do I find the most éco-friendy packaging?

By Elizabeth L. Cline December 2020, published in Fashionista

Dear Fashionista: How do I identify the most eco-friendly packaging for retail and shipping? I run a small clothing brand and am trying to do right by the planet.

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