Printable seeded Paper: 110 to 400 g/m²
The ideal paper for an ecological campaing


Our seeded paper is handmade, using waste of cotton fibres, including seeds from different flowers.
Plant it after use: No waste but flowerss

Seeded Paper standard grammages:

110, 250, 350 g/m², others on demand

Standard sizes: 72×52 cm and A4, others on demande

– Marketing

– Packaging

– Folding and rigid boxes

– Labels  

– Event cards, business cards

– Paper bags, envelopes

– Bookmarks, greeting cards, …


The seeded paper printing advices are at the bottom of this page


After use, please do not throw it!
It’s easy to plant and grows:

Seed Paper Plant Steps

Seeded paper is biodegradable: no waste!

seed paper seed card seed sleeve
Cosmetic samples
seed box seed cosmetic folding box
Cosmetics Folding Boxes to plant
"Credit Agricole" Promotional Card
seed paper plant tag
"Codorniu" Plant Tag
Shopping bag to plant
Paper Bag "Garnier" to plant
Sony promotional campaign seed paper
SONY: natural marketing

Seeds available, mixed in standard, and separetely on demand: poppy, daisy, rudbeckia, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, iceplant, marigold, polodosam

Seed Paper Tourism Magazine
Tourims info Card to plant
Seed Paper Custom Eco Friendly Packaging
Custom Eco Friendly Packaging
Attached Garment Tag
Attached Tag
Bookmark can become flowers
Bookmarks which can become flowers
Folding Box Facial Mask
Folding Box Facial Mask "Zen + Ether"
Invitation Event Card
Event Card "Qlick"

Can you print on seeded paper?​

Yes. Seeded paper sheets contain seeds that have been selected because they are easy to grow and smaller in size, so the paper is more suitable for print.

  • Seeded paper is uncoated and rough, but with a warm touched.
  • Be sure to keep that in mind and avoid printing tiny text on dark-coloured backgrounds.
  • We recommend at least fonts of 8 to 9 pt.
  • Avoid printing full deep colour on all the surface of the seeded paper if you can.
  • If using photos of people, be aware that the seeds may show through lighter areas on the face, eyes and/or teeth.
  • Be sure to use at least 5 mm margins rather than print too close to the edge.

Learn more about the acceptable methods for printing below:

    • INKJET A4 to “B2” like HP indigo systems: OK, it’s totally compatible
      • Not certified by HP, but used by many of our clients
      • But inkjet printing is the best solution to protect the seeds.
    • OFFSET PRINTING: Use the minimum of pressure
      • You can print with 1, 2 or 4 groups but only in one passe.
      • “Waterless” is preferable.
      • Turning off UV lamps because it could kill the seeds.
      • It’s imperative to make trials before starting an important printing run.
    • Use screen print on seeded paper is possible, but you’ll see some white around the seeds as the surface is not perfectly flat.
      • The use of a soft squeegee is recommended.
    • LASER SYSTEMS: Not possible on Laser systems because high temperatures destroy the seeds.
    • LETTERPRESS: No, it may crush the seeds, so stoping the germination 

Look at the Starbucks case study in the video: